Tom Sawyer Returns

Tom Sawyer Returns

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August 1864

The country is at war, Missouri languishes under martial law, and a once-peaceful river town throngs with soldiers, spies, and sedition.

Caught in the middle is Becky Thatcher. Once a pampered only child, she has lost nearly everything, including her faith in love. When her father is jailed for treason and their very survival depends on her, the last person in the world she wants to rely on is her faithless first beau, Tom Sawyer.

Tom has no problem remembering the mistakes he made concerning Becky, but is she the reason he returned home after so many years? Upon awakening without crucial memories after someone tried to kill him, the undercover spy can’t recall his mission and dares not trust anyone — not even his childhood sweetheart.

As assassins close in and time runs out, Tom and Becky must put the past behind them and find a way to work together to unravel a deadly mystery and defeat an unknown enemy.

Follow the new adventures of America's most beloved characters in a series fraught with danger, rich in romance and woven with historical authenticity, from award-winning author E.E. Burke.

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